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the goal!

Teaching the FUNdamentals of the sport.

When enjoyment is employed then encouragement and learning becomes easy for anyone, my motto is "if the kids love playing football they will love to learn to play football".

I have been a football coach for over 10 years now with experience at youth level helping develop the necessary skills that are required to achieve the four aspects of youth development namely, Physical, Technical, Psychological and Social.

Parents are encouraged to attend, nothing beats having your mom or dad on the sideline watching and supporting.


The emphasis is on the FUNdamentals, ensuring every child fulfils their potential, takes part in the sessions but above all has fun while doing so. 

Coach: Nelson


Supports: FC Porto & Liverpool FC

Football hero's: Diego Maradona, Cristiano Ronaldo, Leo Messi and so many more I couldn't name them all.

Favourite current player: Cristiano Ronaldo

Favourite current striker: Sadio Mane & Luis Suarez


​I have had a passionate love for football since I was 5 years old myself and played in amateur leagues back in my homeland South Africa and years later developed a love for coaching children and to give them a much better standard of coaching than I ever had which led me to take the English FA level 1 Certificate in 2010. I have never stopped learning and studying the subject of football coaching and development. In 2019 I decided to study a new course and did so through FC Barcelona's Innovation Hub in order to study their methodology how they managed to create and assemble the greatest team of all time (with homegrown players), playing the best football ever witnessed and that changed the way the game has been played since, at the highest level. 


I am always learning as a coach and often doing refresher courses and continuous training to develop my own skills.


  • Making sure it is a fun experience for the children, regardless of gender or ability. 

  • Football should be accessible to everyone with convenient and safe locations. 

  • Lessons are affordable for everyone. 

  • Educating on the importance of learning and not adopting a "win at all costs" mentality. 

  • Keeping group numbers low and not sacrificing the quality of coaching.

Children are not miniature footballers, they remain children with their sensitivity and must be respected.

They have a right to play to have fun and learn without stress and without anxiety.

We use a part of the training to free their imagination where this is often blocked, we use this to train their skills without supervision and without reproaches, this for the good of the child and of football.

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