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SoccerKids 4-8 years (1 hour session)

These sessions are full of varying exercises that continue the development of the children with regards to the sport.  At this level they already improve their dribbling abilities and start with basic passing patterns while always having fun and enjoying the game. Perfect for the introduction to the most basic football skills and to prepare them to join football clubs in which they will get great coaching at and enjoy an entry level to the world of competitive team sports.

At this level, I encourage the children that show some promise of development and continuity in the sport to join a local football club where they will get to experience competitive leagues.

Elite team 9-16 years (1 hour session)

This  group is aimed at players already playing a club level and wanting to better their skills in order to prepare them for the competitive years ahead. The perfect candidates here are players that live and breathe the sport or maybe dream of becoming a professional player, they have a great hunger for learning and improving. With this in mind, our training methodology has the objective of optimising the player as a whole, by accepting that he/she is a complex system with many structures that make up the player. By optimising the coordination, conditional, cognitive, socio-affective and creative-expressive aspects not only does it mean development of the motor skills but also the personality as a creative, social and expressive player with desire to compete and be the best. Optimising athletes with high performance coaching, with the aim of a possible career as a football player. at best and at least, many years of healthy life and playing a team sport. 

We train to develop the necessary skills needed to play the sport at competition level. A typical training session involves the following stages.

  • Ball Mastery

  • Reaction and coordination exercises

  • Passing exercises

  • SSG's & Rondos (small sided games)

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